Tour Stop #1

March 19


March 20
Tour Events

Day 1: Texas Gun Ranch

Day 2: Elm Fork Shooting Sports

Event Timline

In-Person registration starts.

First course begins.

Second course begins.

  • All Shooting Completed
  • Bonus Shoot Starts
  • Prize drawings start
  • Shoot off (if necessary) starts
  • Drawing winners starts

Event Description


  • 2 -100 target sporting clay courses counted toward season Tour Stop points.
  • 5-stand will be at each tour stop, but not scored for the tour stop season.
  • Bonus shoot not scored toward Tour Stop points.
  • Sponsored Cash games(long bird, wolf chase, flush event).
  • Field judges will be monitoring the event.
  • Max 200 shooters allowed per Tour Stop Event.
  • Important Times:
    • Online Registration through ScoreChaser  will end at 5:00 night before each Tour Stop
    • In-Person registration starts at 8:00 and shooting starts at 9:00
    • First course at 9:00 and the second at 1:00
    • Shooting completed at 4:00
    • Bonus Shoots start at 4:00 each day.
    • Shoot-offs (if necessary) for daily main events start at 5:00 each day.
    • Drawing winners starts at 5:00


  • $100 per 100 target event entry fee ($25 of that comes back to prizes for shooters).
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • 5-Stand and Super Sport events are available at regular tournament price and not part of the Tour Stop scoring.


Scoring Rules

  • Tour classifications are based on shooters first tour stop entry.  Example, if you start in C class you end in C class.
  • Tour Stop Points will be awarded for each 100 target sporting clay course.
  • Points will be determined as the difference between the HOA score and the individual competitor score.  Example; The HOA shooter score is 91 and an individual C class shooter shoots 70, the C class shooter score will get a 21 for that event.
  • Will use competitors 10 lowest course scores out of 16 possible to determine season total
  • Tour class champions will be the lowest point total on 10 qualifying events.


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